Michelle & Ben .:. 24th March 2007

View the photos

View our photo gallery

There are two sets of photographs you can check out. The first is the online photo gallery of pics from people who took pics with their own digital cameras. We'd love you to add your comments to this online archive.

The pics the photographer took

Our wonderful photographer Tim Pascoe has uploaded a selection of the images he took during the day to his website. You can view the pics and if there happens to be a pic where you look particularly fantastic - you can order and purchase a print from the site.

Send us your photos

If you have some great photos from the wedding day we'd love to see them and add them to the photo gallery. You can either email them to us or if they're too large, just burn them to a disk and send them to:

The food was by Sarah Boswell

Everyone loved the food at the wedding so I thought I'd just drop a link to Sarah Boswell's website - she's very lovely and professional